Modern Farmhouse

Thanks to HGTV’s hit show, “Fixer Upper”, the Modern Farmhouse style has made a full comeback with a modern twist. How do windows and doors play a role in that? The new American Farmhouse style combines classic elements with clean lines. Think of asymmetrical massing with a gable in the front of the house, open […]

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Is Your Home an Oasis or This?

We’re all going to find out the hard way. While you are stuck at home, plan to make some changes that will make you love to spend time at home with your family.

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Posted in News developer March 25, 2020

Look What An Old Fixer Upper Can Become

Here is a transformation that is truly inspirational. Originally built in 1942, his old farmhouse just outside of Bruneau, had seen some things and served the family well. This project was a labor of love for Jeremy Crocket of Western Sky Construction out of Mountain

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Posted in News developer March 11, 2020