Window Selection

When you come in to choose replacement windows for your home, you will have more to choose from than just stock white vinyl. Here are some of the window features you’ll consider as you shop:

  • Interior Color & Material
  • Exterior Color & Material
  • Glass Options
  • Divided Lights & Grilles
  • Screen Choices
  • Window Accessories & Options
  • Installation

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Window Types

awning windows
Awning Windows

Hinged at the top, the sash swing outward. Depending on the manufacturer, they can be operated with the turn of a handle located at the bottom of the window frame or as a pushout.

  • Advantages: Easy to open and close. Especially good in rainy conditions since they can be opened slightly to allow air circulation without exposing the home’s interior to the elements.
  • Disadvantages: The rectangular shape is wider than the length so not always best looking choice for main windows.
casement windows
Casement Window

One sash hinged on the side and swings outward. Same operation as awning.

  • Advantages: These windows let in the most natural light, much like picture windows. The crank out or push out are easy for anyone with physical challenges.
  • Disadvantages: When open they stick out in the outdoor living space or walk area next to the house.
double hung
Double Hung

Vertical sliders, both sashes operate up and down to open and close.

  • Advantages: Very effective for air circulation. When both sashes are open to the middle the warm air flows out the top and the cool air flows in the bottom.
  • Disadvantages: Need to be well maintained so operation will be easy to open and nor harmful to the back
Single Hung

Very similar to the Double Hung but only the bottom sash is operable

  • Advantages: Less expensive and identical curb appeal.
  • Disadvantages: Don’t allow the same type of natural air circulation.
slider window
Horizontal Slider or Glider

The sashes move horizontally and either one or multiple sashes can move. This window can be configured with a fixed sash in the center with half vents open on each side, moving toward the center.

  • Advantages: When properly maintained they are simple to open and close. They also maximize views without the meeting of the horizontal sash bars.
  • Disadvantages: Not a very sophisticated or aesthetically pleasing appeal so not used often on high end homes. Still require some strength to open and close.
fixed window
Fixed / Direct Set / Picture

These do not operate.

  • Advantages: Non-operable means less parts to break. Come in many shapes and sizes. Allows lots of natural light. Adds architectural features.
  • Disadvantages: No natural ventilation and if not manufactured with the proper coatings to reduce solar heat gain, you will feel the heat in hot climates.
corner window
Corner Window

Depending on vendor, with or without corner glazing post.

  • Advantages: Allows an unobstructive view.
  • Disadvantages: may be harder to reach to close if a built in counter is installed.
Bay Window
Bay, Bow, and Garden Windows

A Bay window is composed of a series of windows connected at 30 or 45 degree angles to one another to create a projection that forms a bay in a room. The Bay window is similar but it is made up of 3, 4, or 5 panels connected at 10 degree angles. The projection created is more of a curve. Garden windows are a pre-composed unit that’s main purpose is to add display space and light typically for plants.

  • Advantages: They add a lot of interest to a homes’ exterior and add a little bit of interior living space without adding to the home’s footprint. These can be made of any configuration of windows; operable or inoperable.
  • Disadvantages: If not properly constructed and supported they can end up with structural problems. They also let in a lot of light so it’s imperative to buy windows with good ratings against solar heat gain.
Decorative Glass Windows

Made of glass block, stained glass or with a film, these windows usually are inoperable. Their main purpose is to add a focal point or privacy.

  • Advantage: These add a very personal touch to your home. Can give privacy and reinforce the home’s style.
  • Disadvantage: They can be overused and have a tendency to date the house or décor.
Sidelight or Transom Windows

A sidelight is the vertical windows that flank a door or a larger window. The transom windows occupies the space above a door or window.

  • Advantages: Adds a more substantial or decorative statement to the front entry way of a home. Add light to an entry way.
  • Disadvantages: People can see into your home when they come to the door. Windows need to have appropriate glass ratings.