Modern Farmhouse


Thanks to HGTV’s hit show, “Fixer Upper”, the Modern Farmhouse style has made a full comeback with a modern twist.  How do windows and doors play a role in that?

The new American Farmhouse style combines classic elements with clean lines.  Think of asymmetrical massing with a gable in the front of the house, open floor plans with wrap around porches,  lots of windows and glass doors to let the light in  and an entry door that pops!

Popular exterior color combinations that are on trend for 2020 are white with black accents and windows that really make a statement.  Both light or dark gray with crisp white trim and white windows.  Sage green, deep blue and black are also trending.  Did you know that you can get windows and doors in many different colors and styles to personalize your home and give it some extra curb appeal, both inside and out? Wood Windows, Inc. is an installation dealer for Andersen Windows & Doors, Milgard Windows & Doors, Windsor Windows & Doors , Marvin Windows & Doors and others.  Wood Windows, Inc. can help you achieve the modern farmhouse look, or any look to renew your home.

Go crazy with the front door and make it stand out.  Bright red, pale blue, classic black and even teal are trending right now.  Check out some inspiration from the manufacturers we work with.

See how you can use Andersen windows to get the modern farmhouse look.

Here’s some inspiration from Marvin Windows!

Check out these color options from Windsor Windows & Doors!



There is definitely a need for a renewal.  Renewal is important, whether it is urban renewal in the city or a small renewal of your home.   A renewal is usually obvious.  We’ve all experienced different scenarios of observing renewal. For instance, when you drive by a dilapidated building on your way to work every day, don’t you sometimes think “If someone would just fix it up, it would add so much value to the neighborhood”.  I know I think this way.  Sometimes it needs a huge overhaul and sometimes it just needs a small facelift.

Has there been a lot of renewal taking place in your neck of the woods?  Can you see the difference?  Sometimes a renewal is something you can’t see.  Things like insulation, plumbing or new electrical wiring aren’t things you can see without an inspection.  But the effects are felt.  Did you know if you replace old, single pane windows with new double or triple paned glass makes a huge difference you can see and feel?  New glass in more insulated than old glass.  You will notice less noise and your temperatures indoors are better regulated.  Stop losing heat or cooled air through your windows.  You can see beautiful new windows.  You can try a new color of frame to compliment your home and make it pop!  Windows frame your view.  Do you have a room that heats up from the sun shining in?  Try a renewal with innovative Andersen windows.   Andersen windows have an option called SmartSun™.  SmartSun™ glass gives you the benefits of Low-E glass, plus it helps shield your home from the sun’s heat and filters out 95% of harmful UV rays while letting sunlight shine through. Ideal for: All Climates. Available on: SmartSun™ glass is available on all Andersen® products.

We, at Wood Windows, Inc. take on many of the renewal projects going on in downtown Boise.   We specialize in the renewal of windows and doors.  Window replacements taking place in the historic districts of Boise need a specialist.  If you have ever tried to navigate that yourself, you would know what a daunting process that can be.  We specialize in applying for the proper permits and the design review process by the city on your behalf, to insure your renewal of windows goes as smoothly as possible.

If we can help you with your vinyl replacement windows, new doors or skylights, please give us a call at 208-376-2200. We’ll get you a free estimate you can think about.