Ugly House

We’re all going to find out the hard way. While you are stuck at home, plan to make some changes that will make you love to spend time at home with your family.

De-clutter. This is the best place to start. We all have too much stuff. There are some really good websites offering suggestions on how to declutter and the benefits of living a more minimalistic lifestyle.

Take an online cooking class. Everyone has heard or uttered the expression “what’s for dinner”. At the end of a long day it’s usually reservations. But not during Covid-19. Now is a great time to take a cooking class as a family and you don’t have to go any further than your computer. Lot’s of chefs have gone to the internet and are doing free and for charge cooking classes. YouTube has 1000’s of videos and so does Facebook. If you have kids, go to He cooks from his kitchen with the assistance of his young son. Very family friendly.

Start a Garden. Growing a summer garden is a way of life for many residents in the Treasure Valley. But if you’ve never grown your own tomatoes, cucumbers and kale, now is a perfect time to start just a little patch. You don’t need to leave home to get the necessary supplies. But a quick pop into Walmart will provide you with the seeds, potting soil and starter trays you need. Then surf the internet again to get some basic info. Growing anything is fun but growing from seed is especially rewarding.

Make a list of home improvement projects. So many people wait until they put their house on the market to fix items the next homeowner will want done. Yet they fail to make repairs for their own enjoyment. Take the time you have now to make a list. Sit in each room of your home with a pad and pen and look at your home with new eyes. How do visitors see your home? Does the bathroom faucet drip? Write it down. Does the back door need a new coat of paint or just some heavy scrubbing? Write it down. Check out your windows and screens. Do you need to replace or repair? Write it down. Determine which items you can do yourself and which ones require the help of a professional. Sort the list and prioritize. Take advantage of this down time to knock out a few of the minor things. If you have bigger projects beyond your scope of ability (say vinyl window replacement), call a professional (Wood Windows Inc comes to mind) and get an estimate. Everyone is slow right now and available to give you a bid. A reputable company will give you an estimate and not pressure you to make a decision today. Your list is not critical at this time so you can wait if you want to until the timing is right for you.

If we can help you with your vinyl replacement windows, new doors or skylights, please give us a call at 208-376-2200. We’ll get you a free estimate you can think about.

Posted in News by developer March 25, 2020