Aluminum windows and doors

These contemporary windows appear to be a “light” version with thin line frames. But these All Weather Architectural Aluminum windows and doors are rugged. These windows and doors are Thermal Break Aluminum. A Thermal Break is a continuous barrier between the interior and exterior frames. When the frames are cold, the conductive current is greater. This conductive current draws heat from your body and creates a drafty feeling.

These windows were built with an OA of 1 inch. Meaning the insulated glass unit is 1″ deep. Each sheet of glass is 3/16″ thick with a between space of 3/8″ filled with Argon gas for superior insulation. The aluminum is not heavy but the glass makes the unit heavy and difficult to handle. The installation of these windows and doors is not for the average carpenter. These are precision windows and doors that require an expertise in installation in order to operate smoothly.

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