Foggy Windows

Foggy Windows?

Replace the glass and keep the frame.

It’s not always necessary to replace the whole window. If your window frames are of good quality and condition, we can replace just the glass.

Double pane glass is actually just one unit, referred to as an IGU (insulated glass unit). Picture a sandwich of two pieces of glass. The space between is filled with gas that acts as an insulator. The glass can be ordered in different strengths and the IGU is custom made to fit into your frame.

Glass units can be ordered with either clear glass or obscure or tempered. The low e tint can also be applied on the interior or exterior of the glass. If you need to match grids on the glass, that can also be available.

It’s all custom. But it’s pretty simple when in the right hands. Kevin Keen is our glass specialist. If you think you have a window that needs some new glass, call us and we’ll send Kevin out to your home for the assessment and to measure your new glass. He’ll order the glass and in a few days come back out to re-glaze.