Poorly Installed Window example


If we find it on the internet it must be true…Right?

Not necessarily. Be aware that when you do an internet search for vinyl window replacement, you’ll find a lot of third party companies competing for the top placement on Google. These companies don’t have much to lose if the information is not completely correct. They are looking for ranking not satisfied customers.

One blog advises homeowners to expect to pay $185 to $750 per window. Add installation and you’re looking at $380 – $650 per window. What they don’t tell you is that this is a builder grade window installed during new construction where there is no finish carpentry needed. So before you jump to the decision to go with the cheapest vendor, make sure the product and installation is comparable. All vinyl windows are not alike. All glass is not alike. The inner workings of the operational windows are not alike. It’s your money. Educate yourself to make sure the features and quality of the windows being quoted to you are what you want and need. Quality windows improve the comfort of your home and save you in heating and cooling costs.

The best way decide which windows will best suit your home is to see for yourself. Come visit our showroom. Every window and door in our building was installed by our crew. We sell several manufacturers and have examples of each here for you to see, touch, and feel.

For the record we did NOT install this window. The homeowner called us to see if we would fix this installation. She went with one of those lower bid companies, paid for the work and now they won’t return her call. A vinyl window replacement done correctly should not look like anyone was there. You’ll just have new windows.