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At Wood Windows, Inc. we offer some of the best door manufacturers in the business. There are several different styles of doors to match the look and feel you want for your home. Our professional craftsmen can assist you in finding the right door for your home and budget, along with windows to match.

Why Install New Doors?
Much like the windows in your home, doors provide a gateway for heat or cool air to escape your home. Poorly insulated doors allow much more air out of your home, resulting in higher energy costs. Years of wear and tear around the door's seals can also result in poor insulation.

Authorized Dealers
We offer a wide variety of door manufacturer's. If you have any problems finding a manufacturer or finding the right door that matches your style or fits your budget, our team of professionals will be happy to help.

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Order Your Doors

Which opening works best for your home?

French or hinged doors require more floor space than a gliding door. The swing of the door also should be considered. If you have furniture in the space next to the door, an inswing will cause you to change your arrangement. Also consider if an outswing door will impede a traffic pattern if the door will open out onto a deck. Sliding or gliding doors will take up much less room than a hinged door.

How much wall space do you want to use?

You don't have to be stuck with the door opening your builder designed for you. Go Big! Many Americans are now spending much of their time outdoors and by creating a larger opening and a larger operating glass panel, homeowners can not only view and be connected to the outside, when the weather permits they can open up that wall and create an outside room. This is a design trend that is predicted to continue for at least another five years.

What room will benefit the most from patio doors?

Don't be afraid to use a patio door in an unlikely place. Kitchens get hot. How nice would it be to open up the doors and let the cool air and light into your kitchen space? Patio doors also add light to an otherwise dark space. Add a set of doors to an interior office or bonus room. The light will come through while keeping the noise inside.

Would Obscure Glass be a better choice for the space?

Curtains and blinds often obstruct the view. Take advantage of innovative glass technologies and consider tinted glass to add additional shading against the heat. Obscure glass protects privacy and allows abundant light to enter the room.

How much maintenance do you deem reasonable?

Choose the material that performs well for where you live and how much maintenance you are willing to handle. Consider your climate as well. Wood is vulnerable to moisture and will require finishing and maintenance.

How much warranty is provided and what does it cover?

Patio doors are an investment and should last a long time. Who will cover the glass if the seal breaks? Is labor covered also? Good questions to ask before you need to.

Common vocabulary

Panel or slab: Refers to the part of the door that fits into the frame. We commonly just call it the door.

Outswing: On a hinged door the panel swings to the exterior or away from the interior.

Inswing: Just the opposite of above. This panel swings into the room.

Active: The panel that moves.

Passive: The panel that does not move.

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