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More homeowners trust and recommend the Andersen® family of brands than any other brand of windows and patio doors.
*Based on 2016 homeowner brand survey; Andersen family of brands aggregated.

The Andersen® Corporation includes Andersen line of products and the Andersen Architectural collection of E-Series/Eagle® and Weiland® Doors.

Andersen Windows Eagle Windows are Energy Star approved and can save you up to 15% on your home energy bills.

Eagle E-Series Windows

Whether you're looking to make a design statement or to simply recreate a classic, Eagle gives you more freedom to use your imagination. They offer premium quality windows and doors to suit your needs. Combine different styles, unique sizes, interesting shapes and accessory profiles to make your design options limitless.


Weiland Sliding Doors is a San Diego based manufacturer of high quality, high precision European doors and windows. Since 1984, they have been the pioneer in the European door market, and their unique designs have led them to be awarded with several patents; including their jambs and low-profile tracks.

Wood - Featured in the A-Series and the E-Series

Strength and rigidity; beautiful interiors; overall thermal performance. Clad to resist the elements and provide a low-maintenance exterior that never needs painting. The A-Series are clad in Fibrex® and the E-Series are aluminum clad.

Composite (Fibrex®) Material - Featured in the 100-Series and the A-Series is wood with Fibrex® cladding.

Twice as strong as vinyl. Performs better in extreme temperatures. Won’t fade, flake, blister or peel. Color is blended into the Fibrex® material for long-lasting beauty. No wood preservative treatments or painting is required.

Aluminum - E-Series is Aluminum clad wood

Virtually maintenance-free exterior that resists the elements. Aluminums versatility allows Andersen to provide any color and practically any shape.

Fiberglass - A-Series is Fiberglass clad wood

Tough and weather-resistant. Maintenance-free. Available many beautiful colors.

E-Series: This is your product if you are looking for custom. E-Series has the most options. 10 window types; 50 standard Colors; 10 custom Interior Wood Species; 9 custom Interior Wood Finishes; 14 Interior Colors

A-Series: This is an awesome window. Strong and versatile with 5 Window Types; 11 Standard Colors; 6 Interior Wood Species; 6 Interior Wood Finishes; 7 Interior Colors

100 Series: Still a great choice to set your windows apart from the ordinary. This is a great window 6 Window types; 6 Standard Colors; 4 Interior Colors


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