Andersen Windows and Doors

More homeowners trust and recommend the Andersen® family of brands than any other brand of windows and patio doors.
*Based on 2016 homeowner brand survey; Andersen family of brands aggregated.

Andersen designs quality windows and doors that offer the best all wood replacement products in their class. As the Enterprise full service distributor for Andersen, Wood Windows Inc. can offer our customers a wide selection and competitive price on Andersen products.

Andersen windows are Energy Star approved (which can save up to 15% on home energy bills) and are made from either low-maintenance real wood or a maintenance-free combination of wood and fiberglass. The Low-E (low-emissivity) coating on the glass works like sunscreen to block harmful UV rays, protecting your home and furniture.

Add the quality of Andersen Windows to their transferrable warranty (20 years on glass / 10 years on non-glass parts) and you've got a winning combination of long-lasting value for your home.

We at Wood Windows Inc take pride in our commitment to do the right thing by demonstrating fairness, integrity and high ethical standards in all our actions.

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